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Donate to help people get moving when moving gets tough!

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Why Moving For Life?

Cancer and aging are notorious for disconnecting you from an indispensable friend: YOUR BODY! When we are hit by these realities, it's not uncommon to:

  1. Feel betrayed by your body.
  2. Hand over all the keys to a "professional".
  3. Stew in isolation.
  4. Stop moving.

At Moving For Life, many of our teachers, staff, board members, advisors, students and loved ones have experienced or witnessed all of the above. So we know, first hand, their negative consequences. We also know, first hand, that there are other choices. Moving For Life offers these other choices in a thoughtfully crafted suite of wellness programs and educational opportunities designed to help people:

  1. Listen to and honor their body.
  2. Take responsibility for keeping themselves healthy.
  3. Come together in a compassionate setting.
  4. Move safely and joyously to music.

Your financial support is critical in keeping these choices available to all people regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background. Send your tax-deductible gift today!

With gratitude,

Moving For Life