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A Hike In Memory of Gerard Reijnders (1951-2018)

Your Support Can Help Others Follow in Gerard's Example (details below)

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We are fundraising to keep people moving when moving gets tough!

Dear Friends and Family,

On Saturday, Sept 15th, Anton and I will be hitting the trail again to support Moving For Life's* free dance exercise classes for those struggling with the effects of cancer and aging. This year, we will be hiking in the surrounding region of Venray, Netherlands. Our hike is dedicated to Anton's brother, Gerard Reijnders, who was born, raised and living in Venray until he succumbed to cancer after a long struggle with the disease.

Gerard (right) with his younger brother, Anton (left), in February, 2018.

As is the case with many people coping with cancer, fear and fatigue can keep you confined to the indoors and isolated from one's community – two very unhealthy places. Gerard courageously overcame this fear in his final weeks as he hopped into the "side-car" of a bicycle to tour his favorite places in the the Limburg region.

On September 15th, Anton and I will be leading a hike through these very same spots to celebrate his life and his will to "keep moving" despite the challenges of cancer. We will begin at 11:00 at Venray Station and walk to Gijsteren, where we will have lunch at Hoeve De Boogaard. After lunch, we will walk back to Venray station.

All who knew and loved Gerard are welcomed to join us by contacting us at the number below. If you can't join in person, please consider joining in spirit by donating to this campaign and helping us reach our goal of $500.

Giving online is easy and fast, and your support will make a real difference. Proceeds will help Moving For Life provide its free dance-exercise classes to cancer survivors and older adults in New York City and beyond.

We appreciate your help!

Cheers, Shu-Mei & Anton

Home phone: 073-6140439

*Since 1999, Moving For Life has brought joy back into countless lives through their gentle dance exercise and wellness programs. Moving For Life's compassionate and scientifically-based approach has been endorsed and/or sponsored by NYC's leading hospitals, oncologists and surgeons, such as NYU Langone, Columbia University Medical Center and the Mount Sinai Hospital system, to name just a few.