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Join me on a hike to raise funds to support Moving For Life Dance Exercise for Cancer Recovery. MFL brings movement and joy back into lives affected by cancer.

Sponsor or join my hike from Central Park to Fort Tryon Park on Sunday, Sept 17th.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$175 towards $200

Join me in empowering New Yorkers to take an active part in their recovery from cancer through Moving For Life's DanceExercise (designed specifically with survivors' needs in mind).

I was connected to Moving For Life through a friend and attracted to the intersection between Dance, Community Health and Somatics (mind-body connection). I became certified to teach last year and have LOVED teaching at Jacobi Hospital, Lincoln Hospital, Harlem Wellness Center, Columbia Medical, Mount Sinai and Gilda's Club.

I have met and been inspired by the personal trials and triumphs of so many cancer survivors. We dance, laugh, mindfully breathe and empower each other every week. It brings me great joy and, though students thank me, I really have to thank them because it is the greatest part of my week! I see the energy change from sometimes sluggish/low at the beginning of class to wide-eyed, energized smiles as we all groove down a soul train line, do the electric slide or do some very fierce chair dancing! I know firsthand that the money supports community, empowerment, health and joy to empower each survivor on their journey.

If you are able to, please consider donating and/or joining this walk. We will stroll through Morningside Park, St Nick park, Jackie Robinson Park, Highbridge Park and Fort Tryon Park and end up near the Cloisters so you can squeeze in a visit there if you have the energy. Learn a new trail. Meet some cool folks.

So will you groove with me?!

If you are able, please consider giving $10, $20 or more so I meet my goal of raising $200 for MOVING FOR LIFE or come join me on the hike on Sunday September 17th to bring awareness to our cause! Thank you!